The Other Side of Yesterday

Snapshot Vision

"Every form is the petrified snapshot of process. Therefore, work is a station in evolution and not its petrified aim."
- El Lissitzky (1890-1941) Member of the Russian Avant Garde and instumential in the development of Suprematism. Influential in the Bauhaus, Constructivist, & De Stijl movements.

I think of this portfolio as a snapshot of my work; a glimpse at what has come before. It is not meant to stand before you as a declaration of what I can do, only of what I have done. Potential may be gleaned from these snapshots, but the possibilities are limitless.

Making Something Out of Brussels Sprouts

"In the circle the beginning and the end are common."
-Heraclitus (about 535-475 BC) Greek Philosopher from Ephesus

Design offers a novel means of communicating ideas. But design it is not the end product; that is the idea, or at least the realization of that idea. Design is what happens in the middle. It is the process which creates the ability to carry out the idea; the vehicle making the idea meaningful to someone other than the idea maker. It is a form of communication. And in its purest form it is a lexicon, used to actualize an idea; that something from nothing.


"Design is as much an instrinsic a part of the culture as any activity."
-Quentin Newark, Author of "What is Graphic Design"

Steal No Sheep: The 57 Letters

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If there is something specific you are curious about or anything you want to see more of, please do not hesitate to drop me a line.