Who Knew???


Science is sort of my favorite other thing other than design. No really.

I think I would be very unhappy if there were no one around to arguing about the latest theories about physics, et cetera. But I guess I feel that way about typography also. Prior to my life as a graphic designer, when I use to play artist, math and science played a large part of my inspiration.

What does it matter if my dreams of being an astronaut faded away when I was ten. I can think of no reason not to enjoy the beauty of science.

No Seriously, Who Knew?

I couldn't help myself. The bbc had this funny little box with these statistics in it next to one of their articles about dark matter. It really read "What The Universe is Made Of" as if all the fuss could be boiled down quite simply to three percentages adding up to one hundred. Ah. Now I get it. Now if only they could help us better understand why were are here...

Thank god for the web. They let you read all about this stuff here.